Damm, a company with “star”

In the spring of 1872, August Kuentzmann Damm and his wife Melanie left their native Alsace because of the franco-prussian war. Like many immigrants of their time, they chose Barcelona.

In 1876, August founded this beer company and after more than 130 years Manufacturer_Beer_Estrella_Damm_4and eleven generations of   Master Brewers, they continue to produce their beer with the same excitement as they did the first time.

This company has improved and developed to adapt to the latest advances in the technological area. Damm is easily found in social networks, being a spanish brand leader in Twitter  in  the food industry, it is the spanish company which has got most followers (6.000). This is the main reason why I have chosen Estrella Damm.

The aim of this post is to analize how this  company “Estrella  Damm”  promotes around internet and social networks like Tuenti, YouTube, Facebook,…

The Spanish brewing industry: Three companies generously take care of most of the brewing in Spain: Heineken, Mahou-San Miguel and Damm. Surprisingly, in these globalist times, the last two are both Spanish-owned. Between them they have over 80% of the Spanish beer market.

Heineken put an  emphasis on engaging customers in thoughtful, inventive ways through means of social media, mobile marketing, crowdsourcing and traditional advertising. With the largest beer brand fan base worldwide on Facebook, Heineken boasts more than eight million likes on the social media platform. Add  thousand of followers on Twitter, and that’s a devoted following; Heineken now has multiple local accounts for the U.S., United Kingdom and Spain. Heineken posts at least once a day on its Facebook page, inducing likes and comments with photos, videos and timely topics.

The campaign that Mahou-San Miguel launched received the Golden Prize of the Effective Advertising Award, they released successful “home videos”, which attached million off fans in Facebook and Tuenti.

The company Estrella Damm has its own web page . It is a well organized and thorough webpage with appealing photos and interesting information about the brand. It gets a visual effect that catches your attention, the information that is given around the web page is divided in brief texts which once selected they send you to another page where you can find more specified content. It also has photographs and videos related to their advertisements.

Estrella Damm´s videos are watched and commented thousand times in YouTube, the company does a good work here, which tries to answer people´s comments. Below you have the latest advertisement of the company, which has recorded 1171 comments, 2.761.369 reproductions, and 7.973 thumbs-up against 455 unlike.

Much of the success @EstrellaammEDs  has in Twitter is thanks to those videos. Only the first day of the throwing of this advertisement,1 some of their hashtags #mediterráneamente and #EstrellaDamm had a total of 3.085 mentions and it continued growing the next days. Since the 12th of April to 12th of June, more than 10.500 mentions had been registered with the hashtag #EstrellaDamm. Analyzing the spark of the brand, it prompted more positive comments than negatives. During the month of May, only 244 negative comments were registered in contrast to 2.044 times that people write about positive aspects of the trademark.

In the graph yoy can see the impact the advertising campaign has had in Spain.

The advertising campaign has also taken possesion of other territories. As everyone can see, the announcement has been received very positively in the United States and besides, the spot has also crossed seas, arriving to Asia, mainly to India and Irak.


It has been proved once again that the “Online World” has neither barriers nor limits. If an advertising campaign is thorough and successful, praises will not be long. This is why I would like to emphasize how important Social Media is for the development of companies.

The Estrella Damm has 22.252 followers on Tuenti, where the company creates events and other tools for publicizing their brand. An example of this, is the latest icon that the organization has created: a sun that appears every time you write “:ESTRELLA” in your Tuenti´s status. This clever idea has let the brand promote in another way, being very successful among young people who wanted to have the sun of Estrella Damm in their status.


Concerning Facebook, the company has an active participation, along the week some posts (around 2 daily) are being published; they are usually events, competitions, pictures and links. Typically, the “fans” give their opinion about most of the posts and the Community Manager also tries to answer some questions or doubts about promotions, however many of them are not answered. Nevertheless they have a channel on Pinterest  associated to Facebook and folders with a variety of promotions.

Estrella Damm is the number one selling 330ml bottles in Spain and a key sponsor of the Barcelona football team. Dating back to 1876 and known for its exceptional quality ever since, Estrella Damm has also won 2 gold medals at the World Beer Championships.

It usually publicates information about promotions, concerts and events, but some people might prefer to read curiosities about their beer, like meals to acompany with a cold beer or an explanations of the fermentation process of it…. In my opinion, it could be a gimmick to attract other kind of public.

They have not any Facebook Apps installed, the company should think to install this kind of applications that could link the users to the product.

Estrella Damm releases an advertisement every summer which shows a relaxing atmosphere, young, mediterranean near lively scenes that have a beneficial effect on the brand. Nevertheless, this young and Mediterranean image is not reflected in social networkings. If they are able to achieve the essence and engagement that their advertisements have, Estrella Damm will develop quickly in social networking.

Shall we drink to it?



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