Burón-Trainers is a shop located in Bilbao, near Deusto University, we sell principally trainers for every sporty people. Bellow, on the right side of this page you can find the logo of our brand, our name illustrates the sole of these amazing trainers.  LOGO EMPRESAWe have a great range of sports shoes, for any sport you can imagine and for any age.  Apart from that you can create your own trainers, if you visit our web page (www.buron-trainers.es), you will find the steps to design your trainers and we will make your dream come true.

The age of technology, has displaced the handing out of advertising leaflets. This is the main reason, our company has made a conscious decision to move away from traditional advertising and focus on digital marketing with a big investment in social media.

But before explaining our publicising campaign, we are going to analyze other trainers sellers´way of promoting like Reebok, which has launched a mobile social networking campaign to promote its products by letting targeted consumers interact with the shoe design.

adidas_twitter_facebook-300x190Adidas has launched two new pairs of trainers, Facebook and Twitter shoes, it is a clear example of the importance of social networks in merchandising  and the brands´gamble on social media.

Our product is promoted and publicized principally thorough three social net-workings (apart from our web page we have mentioned before); we invest in a Facebook page dedicated to our business, a Twitter account where followers can see instant news and updates and a YouTube account where you can see our product testing videos.

Burón company is always trying to improve, being open to new ideas and suggestions. It does not matter how revolutionary or simple they are, we want to hear them; this is why our company has recently opened a new section in the official web page, where you will find space for leaving a comment, complaint or new idea.

As Facebook has got millions of users worldwide and offers to our customers, we update our page regularly with items that reflect our brand. There, we also include details about our personal tastes and experiences and join a local network and post relevant links. You can also find   competitions and exclusive special offers of our trainers.

We have several videos on Youtube, where you can see famous people wearing our trainers, like:  Edurne Pasaban, Javi Martinez, Fernando Llorente, Leire Olaberria,… who use different trainers for the different sports they do. We are very interesting in your opinion, therefore we always answer the comments you leave about our videos.

On Twitter @Burontrainers we work with Coupontweet, we use it to distribute valuable coupons to customers Using it you can find money-saving coupon codes and links of our trainers; share coupons with friends, comment on offers and vote on whether or not a coupon is useful. Of course, we use Twitter for promoting our trainers, for telling you the latest news and sales of our products.

We are creating not only products but services to keep people engaged and using our products. We use public social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness, answer people’s questions, show video, and allow people to share their results.

Burón-trainers company is a leader industry that does not give up developing and improving the brand.  We offer high quality products, using the latest techniques  and the trendiest technology, therefore we social networks to connect our customers to our brand.



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