Burón-Trainers is a shop located in Bilbao, near Deusto University, we sell principally trainers for every sporty people. Bellow, on the right side of this page you can find the logo of our brand, our name illustrates the sole of these amazing trainers.  LOGO EMPRESAWe have a great range of sports shoes, for any sport you can imagine and for any age.  Apart from that you can create your own trainers, if you visit our web page (www.buron-trainers.es), you will find the steps to design your trainers and we will make your dream come true.

The age of technology, has displaced the handing out of advertising leaflets. This is the main reason, our company has made a conscious decision to move away from traditional advertising and focus on digital marketing with a big investment in social media.

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Damm, a company with “star”

In the spring of 1872, August Kuentzmann Damm and his wife Melanie left their native Alsace because of the franco-prussian war. Like many immigrants of their time, they chose Barcelona.

In 1876, August founded this beer company and after more than 130 years Manufacturer_Beer_Estrella_Damm_4and eleven generations of   Master Brewers, they continue to produce their beer with the same excitement as they did the first time.

This company has improved and developed to adapt to the latest advances in the technological area. Damm is easily found in social networks, being a spanish brand leader in Twitter  in  the food industry, it is the spanish company which has got most followers (6.000). This is the main reason why I have chosen Estrella Damm.

The aim of this post is to analize how this  company “Estrella  Damm”  promotes around internet and social networks like Tuenti, YouTube, Facebook,…

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